Quora question: Why is Trump so obsessed with voter integrity when he won the election unfairly and unsquarely

My response:  First, Donald Trump did accumulate the requisite number of electoral votes to be elected president. There has been no verifiable proof as of yet that any voting machines were tampered with. What is a more likely explanation for the seemingly inexplicable loss by Hillary Clinton is that exit polling showing her ahead in the polls was skewed by voters giving false answers to the question of whom they voted for.

More than 96 million registered voters in fact did help Mr. Trump become the 45th President of the United States by opting not to vote. I doubt any outside interference could have dissuaded this many people from going to the polls.

You may be astounded that a man short of attention, ethics and geopolitical insight could ascend to the Oval Office, but that speaks less to malfeasance than it does to a resurgence of incivility and aversive racism.


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