Quora question: Has Edward Snowden managed to leak all the NSA snooping methods or there are more not known to the public?

My response:  According to U.S. government estimates, Edward Snowden copied 1.5 million classified files.(1) In 2011, the last year for which figures were available prior to Mr. Snowden’s release of these classified documents, the entire U.S. government classified 92,064,862 documents.(2)

In other words, Mr. Snowden leaked 1.6%—yes, only 1.6%—of all material classified. Since then, the general public has been made privy to only a few salacious documents, cherry-picked by the press. Between 2013 and 2014, 111 documents were leaked(3)—that’s .007% (.00007) of the total number of documents Mr. Snowden copied to his thumb-wheel drive.

When one considers the acute minutiae that has been released to the public against the number of classified documents in Mr. Snowden’s trove, logic would dictate that not only may further revelations lay in the unreleased documents, but the staggering aggregation of secrets not plundered by Mr. Snowden would contain hitherto unknown methodologies employed U.S. intelligence agencies.

(1|3) This is everything Edward Snowden revealed in one year of unprecedented top-secret leaks
(2) What Edward Snowden Leaked Was Nothing Compared to What He Didn’t


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