Quora question: How can I attract other girls if I am shy, introverted, silent, ugly, poor, and shorter than they are?

My response:  Hmm… You’ve ticked off just about every imaginable negative box available except bad breath.

First, ask yourself if there is something you particularly enjoy doing (keep it clean and legal, buddy). There are Meet-Up groups springing up all over the place. If you don’t see one that fits your interest, start one.

I’m not saying that you’ll find the girl of your dreams here (well, then again you may—who knows?). But this will at least get you into the same room with folks with similar interests.

Secondly, let’s drop the notion that deep pockets, or even some jingling change, will make you attractive to girls. You’re looking for an honest relationship, not the role of a stooge.

Now, as to this notion that being short is a detriment. What, are you spending too much time listening to Randy Newman’s “Short People”? You’re height, or lack of same, means nothing. If you are rejected by a girl because of your height, then consider that this person ascribes negative qualities to you without ever knowing you. Spend less time focusing on the superficial and more time on those intrinsic qualities that define you—and the girl your’re seeking—as a thoughtful, caring person.

You’ve received several other good posts here. Consider implementing what they have recommended. Above all, be honest with yourself.

Good luck to you, my friend.


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