Quora question: Can the USA alone invade China without NATO or allies?

My response:  Why? The War Powers Resolution(1), enacted in 1973—after American troops began fighting in Vietnam—requires the president to consult with Congress before sending U.S. armed forces into combat unless there already had been a declaration of war.

On what grounds has the United States to issue a Declaration of War against a sovereign nation from whom there has been no attack nor threat of attack against the United States or its interests?

Why would the U.S. initiate military action against China, with all its deadly consequences and its horrific concomitance—a humanitarian crises with no viable solution, international discord, human rights abuses, and enmity and isolation from our allies?

Why would the U.S. willingly relinquish its hegemonic stance as the leader of the free world by subverting its own democratic ideals and principles?

Why would the U.S. submit to self-inflicted economic chaos to its economy by excising our second largest trade partner after Europe(2)—an action that would presage another worldwide recession?

Why would would the U.S. exercise no prudence, eschew debate by Congress, and incur the remonstrations of moral indignation from the United Nations, NATO and other international peacekeeping organizations?

This is the sort of narrow, reprehensible and impulsive thinking that smacks more of racism than any perceived threat.

(1) Law Library of Congress
(2) List of the largest trading partners of the United States – Wikipedia


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