Quora question: What if the whole CIA was only run by feminist?

My response:  First, I would like to address your use of the word “feminist.”

Feminism, as defined in the Oxford English Dictionary, is: “The advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes.” Thus, one who advocates on behalf of equal rights for women and against male chauvinism may be male or female. The tenets of egalitarianism are not restricted be sex.

As for your generalization regarding male decision-making, the process by which one makes a decision should be a deliberate gathering of relevant facts, and a consideration of alternatives. One’s biases, however, more often than not shape one’s frame of reference. When coupled with shortsightedness, the decision-making process becomes muddled and incoherence rules. Whether or not this is a domain largely inhabited by males is open to some debate.

What is not debatable is that anyone, man or woman, who possesses the intellectual acuity to understand geopolitics and navigate espionage’s wilderness of mirrors (to paraphrase former CIA Counterintelligence Chief James Angleton), merits consideration to head the Central Intelligence Agency.


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