Quora question: What exactly is the general opinion of President Trump among those who dislike him?

My response:  First, with regard to your question specifically, let me advise you against accepting or making generalizations of people. They oversimplify by ignoring the nuance and substance behind one’s thought processes, and they prematurely close one’s mind to any further probing into the decisions made by the individual.

One’s opinion of Donald Trump depends on how one perceives his character and performance as president, judged against one’s own moral principals and the ethics one ascribes to the office of president of the United States. This seems to range from zealotry to moderate cynicism to outright hatred.

Mr. Trump’s behavior—often dissolute and wholly narcissistic—has engendered questions about his fitness to hold public office from some quarters. Others, however, perceive his chauvinism and abstruse rants as a refreshing rale against the constraints of political correctness run amok—this latter group comprising Mr. Trump’s core base.

Where one opines on Mr. Trump is, for me, less important than the steady erosion of our government’s transparency and its concurrent miasma of stale, creeping despotism.


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