Quora question: Should New York City get its own U.S. Senator?

My response:  Senators represent states, two senators per state; while the number of representatives per state—i.e., members of Congress—are apportioned according to the state’s population. New York City, whose populace dwarfs that of all but 12 states, is divided into 27 congressional districts.

For years, secession groups have floated the idea of having New York City reestablish itself as a state. Legal hurdles abound to accomplish this. But perhaps the most compelling reason against the idea was offered by the Rochester-based Center for Governmental Research. In 2004, it found that upstate residents benefit from tax revenue sent to Albany (the state capitol) from New York City, and that Wall Street alone represents nearly 19 percent of all state revenue.(1)

(1) http://www.ppinys.org/reports/20…


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