Quora question: How does Qatar, a country that has unbiased reporting in the Middle East (Al Jazeera), also support terrorism?

My response:  First, I disagree with your contention that Al Jazeera’s reportage is unbiased. Al Jazeera Arabic overtly promotes Doha’s foreign policy objectives. Both the former English-language and Arabic versions of the station avoid any criticism of Qatar.(1)

Al Jazeera’s support of terrorist groups was consistent with the often contradictory nature of Qatari foreign policy. Despite its in-depth coverage of the Arab Spring, the station showed a strong bias for the Muslim Brotherhood, declared a terrorist organization by the Egyptian government.(1) Saudi Arabia alleges that Al Jazeera supports the Houthi rebels in Yemen fighting government forces backed by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.(2)

It would appear, then, that the line demarcating unbiased reporting and state-sponsored mouthpiece has long been crossed.

(1) Opinion | Why America Turned Off Al Jazeera
(2) Why Qatar is the focus of terrorism claims – BBC News


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