When can the CIA act on US soil and what are some examples?

When can the CIA act on US soil and what are some examples? by Tony Garcia

Answer by Tony Garcia:

CIA’s charter does not allow it to act within the United States. That being said, Domestic Contact Services does query some Americans returning from abroad. However, there have been operations that have been conducted on U.S. soil.

One of CIA’s more infamous and well-known domestic activities was Operation BLUEBIRD, later MK-ULTRA then MK-SEARCH and finally MK-BURN (1). BLUEBIRD began as a response to a perception that Russia had developed mind-control programs. Dr. Willard Machle, the first director of the Agency’s Office of Scientific Intelligence (OSI), was on a visit to West Berlin to observe interrogation of captured KGB spies by West Germany’s Federal Intelligence Service, Bundesnachrichtendienst or BND.

The BND were using former Nazi scientists whose methods of interrogation included behavior modification—mind-altering drugs, sleep deprivation, hypnosis and pain. Machle wondered how U.S. spies would hold up against harsh interrogation. He coupled this with an interest in developing a “Manchurian candidate,” and thus Operation BLUEBIRD was born.(2)

Bluebird became MK-ULTRA, 130 programs in behavior modification conducted in state prisons, hospitals, universities and safe houses.(3) OSI conducted experiments using psychotropic drugs, electroshock therapy, psycho-surgery, hypnosis and sleep deprivation on unwitting convicts, patients suffering from mild depression, university professors and their students. Some Underworld figures were lured into safe houses across the country by prostitutes paid by CIA . They were seduced with sex and surreptitiously given LSD. CIA officers participating in the program would even slip LSD into the drinks of fellow officers.(4)

In a letter to the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, former Director of Central Intelligence Stansfield Turner admitted the Agency had paid private institutions to use their facilities and that unwitting subjects had been used in the experiments. Turner also said that most of the records on the Agency’s mind-control projects had been destroyed.(5)

To date, there is no count of the total number of lives destroyed by these programs.

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When can the CIA act on US soil and what are some examples?


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