How come no shooters were seen in the footage of John F. Kennedy’s assassination?

How come no shooters were seen in the footage of John F. Kennedy’s assassination? by Tony Garcia

Answer by Tony Garcia:

There are many home-movie films of the JFK assassination. In Mark Lane’s film of his 1966 book Rush To Judgment(1), several of the people who originally shot home movie films of the assassination, like Orville Nix, have stated that frames from their original films were either missing or destroyed—especially those frames showing the acute left-hand turn from Houston Street onto Elm Street.

Authors/researchers Anthony Summers, in his book Not in Your Lifetime, and James Fetzer and Larry River in an article, comment on missing frames noted by Abraham Zapruder in his famous film of the assassination.(2)

Several researches online, like Robert Harris(3) who has provide an exhaustive look at several of the home movies taken that day, have noted missing or damaged frames at the moment the president’s limousine turns onto Elm Street.

Harris has noted that in the Zapruder film itself, there are reflections of a shooter firing atop the Dallas County Records Building. In the Orville Nix film he points out two instances of muzzle flash on the infamous “grassy knoll,” as well as movement of shooters in the pergola behind Zapruder.

All of this can and has been debated ad nauseum; I leave it to the reader to separate the wheat from the chaff. Remember, the Warren Commission and the House Select Committee on Assassinations reached different conclusions: the former averring a lone-gunman theory, the latter asserting a conspiracy.

Read what has been written on the JFK assassination, particularly the earlier works; they are free from revisionist interpretation. Then decide for yourself.


(2) Zapruder Frame 343: Unbelievable New Proof of Blowout at Back of JFK’s Head (VIdeo) | Alternative

How come no shooters were seen in the footage of John F. Kennedy’s assassination?


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