When is a conspiracy theory not a theory anymore? For instance Watergate is not a theory.

When is a conspiracy theory not a theory anymore? For instance Watergate is not a theory. by Tony Garcia

Answer by Tony Garcia:

When was the Watergate burglary considered a conspiracy theory? It was an actual event; five men were arrested on June 17, 1972, at the Watergate offices of the Democratic National Committee in Washington, DC.

It was a bungled attempt at burglary and bugging, whose perpetrators had connections to CIA, the FBI and violent, anti-Castro Cuban exile groups. All were linked to President Richard Nixon and members of the Committee to Re-Elect the President, primarily through the investigative efforts of the Washington Post and the FBI (1).

As regards to your question on conspiracy theory, I answered a similar question, Do we have a moral responsibility to expose conspiracies? I will post that answer below and hope that its content suffices.

“I think we all have a moral responsiblitiy to tell the truth. When those in positions of power misstate it or act in concert to deceive the public for their own benefit, then it is up to the people to, as best they can, expose the cabal.

This isn’t easy. Few people are in a position to uncover the facts that can lay bare the underpinnings of a conspiracy. Fewer still can place these facts into a context that, when revealed, delineate the plot and identify the perpetrators of the subterfuge.

By the same token, suspicion and an absence of evidence are not indicators of wrongdoing. Sometimes, seemingly inexplicable events occur without the confluence of conniving actors.

Perhaps it is human nature that demands some clear explanation for an horrific event, like the assassination of President John Kennedy for example. Over the years, conflicting evidence, incisive research and deathbed confessions have undermined the first official investigation, the Warren Commission, and supported the conclusions of the government’s second investigation, the House Select Committee on Assassinations (HSCA). Public opinion lays squarely on the side of the HSCA (Majority in U.S. Still Believe JFK Killed in a Conspiracy). Public opinion, though, is not always the same as fact.

It is the responsibility of those who believe a conspiracy exists to provide incontrovertible evidence to support their claim. Wild supposition and heresay only serve to marginalize those seeking the truth. Any evidence uncovered must be made available for public scrutiny—fairness demands that those who wish to debunk it have their say. Only when such evidence passes this test and can be presented in a court of law can truth proceed.

Fake news stories and so-called alternative facts also justifiably raise moral indignation. As I stated in a response to a question on the subject, alternative facts fall on that sliding scale of lies, between harmless untruths and malicious falsehoods. For those of us who consider veracity an ethical end, so-called alternative facts are not harmless exaggerations but skew toward an obfuscation of the truth.

We deserve the truth from our elected officials, and when it is not forthcoming, we have the right to expose it for what it is: A lie.”

(1) Watergate Burglars (FOIA-released FBI files)

When is a conspiracy theory not a theory anymore? For instance Watergate is not a theory.


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