Why did the CIA fail in its every attempt to assasinate Fidel Castro?

Why did the CIA fail in its every attempt to assasinate Fidel Castro? by Tony Garcia

Answer by Tony Garcia:

I answered a similar question, Why did CIA fail to assassinate Castro? I’ll post that answer below and hope it suffices.

“There are several reasons. First, in an effort to maintain plausible deniability, CIA initially engaged Organized Crime to assassinate Fidel Castro. The Mob’s interests in Cuba—casinos, prostitution, drug trafficking, gun running—were curtailed soon after Castro’s revolutionaries overthrew Fulgencio Batista’s regime. As recounted in many books on the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, the Mob was more than willing to assassinate Fidel Castro—not because of his communist bent, but rather he represented the sole barrier to a return to Cuba and their profiteering.

The problem was that Mob leaders like Carlos Marcello and Santo Trafficanti assumed their association with CIA would render them safe from federal prosecution for crimes they were committing stateside. The Mob bosses assumed that prolonging this relationship meant indefinite immunity from prosecution. To that end, the Mob simply played along with CIA in its attempts to assassinate the Cuban leader, never fully committing the necessary resources to accomplish the task. (see a full treatise on this in Not In Your Lifetime, by Anthony Summers, 1998, Open Road.)

Secondly, Cuba’s foreign intelligence arm, Dirección General de Inteligencia, or DGI, had informers and double agents placed within CIA-sponsored, anti-Castro groups like the DRE (Directorio Revolucionario Estudiantil) and Alpha 66. Thus the Cuban regime was always well aware of the many plots against Castro.

Third, CIA-sponsored anti-Castro exiles and mercenaries who were captured during raids on Cuban ports provided a trove of intelligence regarding activities aimed at toppling the Cuban leader.

Lastly, CIA itself had fallen in love with abstruse methods to eliminate Fidel Castro. The plots, recondite as they were at the time, were so convoluted that failure was the only likely outcome.”

Why did the CIA fail in its every attempt to assasinate Fidel Castro?


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