Why does Trump keep making up terrorist attacks?

Why does Trump keep making up terrorist attacks? by Tony Garcia

Answer by Tony Garcia:

To expand on Bill Diamond’s accurate and in-depth answer, I don’t believe sloppiness in and of itself is behind this constant barrage of fake terror attacks from the Trump administration. I think they are calculated to draw support from Donald Trump’s core constituency for his ban on Muslims entering the U.S.

The Trump administration’s base seem to have little interest in the truth, preferring falsehoods that support their preconceived notions of an overwhelming global attack by Muslim extremists, pillorying anyone who exposes “The Big Lie.”

This narrowcasting of Muslims appearss to be the current administration’s representation of evil. In years past, administrations have demonized homegrown dissidents—Blacks, students, the poor—falsely attributing their political and social objections to communist influence. Having a designated bogeyman, particularly one that is easily identifiable, draws attention away from the more acute domestic issues of income inequality, racial tensions, rising healthcare costs, violent crime, and the economy. It illuminates the lack of focus on these issues by conversely fanning the baser flames of people who feel marginalized—not by their religion or skin color, but by their fear of people of color and those who follow Islam.

Why does Trump keep making up terrorist attacks?


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