Do you think that loyalty is important?

Do you think that loyalty is important? by Tony Garcia

Answer by Tony Garcia:

Loyalty is not a bromide to be inculcated until one is left bereft of perspicacity and choice. When loyalty becomes blind zealotry, it can lead one to ignore the faults that have become systemic within one’s government, continuing along a path that disenfranchises members of its citizenry who express dissent through non-violent means, often by treating them as enemy combatants.

An unswerving allegiance to one’s government does not mean obviating discourse. Government does not rule by divine right; it is not imbued with any more intelligence or sense of purpose than the people whom it serves. Every decision government makes affects the well-being of the country’s people, and thus is open to examination and debate.

When goverment becomes a power elite, as C. Wright Mills suggested, then allegiance means to serve only the interwoven interests of the military, corporate and political elements of society, at the expense of a public now made powerless by this confluence.

Loyalty is not a motto; it is the faith one expresses to the ideals upon which one’s country was founded. It is not virtue run amok, causing the deaths of anyone whose ideals are not fully aligned with ours. It is a quality that should be reevaluated whenever the capriciousness of a country’s elected leadership results in a loss of one’s moral compass.

Do you think that loyalty is important?


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