Who assassinated JFK and who was involved in the conspiracy?

Who assassinated JFK and who was involved in the conspiracy? by Tony Garcia

Answer by Tony Garcia:

I answered a similar question, “Given how long it has been since JFK was assassinated, would it make any difference now if it was proven to be a CIA conspiracy?” I’ll repeat that answer here for you, and I hope it suffices.

Yes, I believe it would, though I believe you will find that President Kennedy’s assassination was not the result of a conspiracy headed by CIA. It does appear that some former officers may have been involved, as well as some contract agents. The Agency’s need to protect its sources has muddied the waters here, leading some researchers to believe that the Agency’s secrecy is a result of its direct involvement. I would suggest here that you first look closely at the confluence of organized crime, Cuban exiles and this country’s power elite. And remember, for a conspiracy to succeed, it isn’t necessary for all the players to be in on it. To pull off “The Big Event,” as the Kennedy assassination was called, all that was needed by the principals was the knowledge of how regimented organizations like the FBI, Secret Service, law enforcement (the Dallas police and Sheriff’s Departments) and the Armed Services would act in a given crisis situation. Even the individuals assigned to “clean up” afterwards would be unaware of their targets’ roles, whether as witnesses or participants to the assassination or its cover-up.

Who assassinated JFK and who was involved in the conspiracy?


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