How can we prevent alien attack?

How can we prevent alien attack? by Tony Garcia

Answer by Tony Garcia:

In 2010, Stephen Hawking suggested that aliens might be rapacious marauders, roaming the cosmos in search of resources to plunder and planets to conquer and colonize; analogous to the fate of Native peoples encountering Christopher Columbus. However, an alien attack is not something I worry about.

Space travel is an expensive venture. Whatever aliens find lacking on their home planet—i.e., natural resources, including reproductive ones—are likely available on planets much closer to them.

Even NASA is not concerned with an alien attack. Rather, the main concern of their Office of Planetary Protection is that terrestrial microorganisms may “hitch a ride” on spacecraft and thus contaminate planets with habitable environments.

Lastly, any civilization capable of interplanetary travel is obviously far more technologically advanced than us. Were there a chance planet Earth was about to be attacked, there would be no defense against a technology we as yet cannot perceive.

How can we prevent alien attack?


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