Coming Soon To A Theater Near You!

The Return of Detective Frank Bullitt

Meet this season’s coolest police detective as Francisco Vargas Echevarra stars as Detective Lieutenant Frank “Bala” Bullitt in the 2011 sequel to the 1968 film, Bullitt, entitled “Bite the Bullitt!”

Bala Bullitt is the toughest cop on the tough upper east side of Guayaquil’s San Francisco district. Using his wits and a modified 1986 Yugo, Detective Lieutenant Bala is the city’s last line of defense against the naked brutality of Guayaquil’s criminal nudist colonies.

In this sequel, the owner of Isla del Fuego’s Broken Arms Inn, Hernando el Mentiroso, has been subpeonaed to testify in open court before a closed-door session of Mayor Jaime Honda’s City Council. The Honda Civic Improvement sub-committee has been investigating recent inroads by the Department of Public Works into Isla del Fuego’s lucrative binocular business. Bala Bullitt and his crack squad of action addicts have been assigned to protect Senor el Mentiroso until hearings start the coming Monday, or until the electric bill for City Hall is paid in full, whichever comes first.

Things turn ugly when underworld kingpin Diego “Nariz de la Aguja” Pendejo, known as The King of the Basement Apartment Rentals, puts out a contract on Senor el Mentiroso’s wife, only to learn that Senor el Mentiroso is a bachelor. Thus follows the gato y raton game of cat-and-mouse played out in the streets of San Francisco, Guayquil, including a thrilling remake of the original wild and woolly car chase, this time featuring Bala’s 1986 Yugo versus a 1963, 125 cc Yamaha Fun Scooter!

For sheer heart-pounding excitement and nonstop action, your entertainment dollar couldn’t travel farther if it had a passport! See “Bite the Bullitt!”


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