24-Hour (Or Thereabouts) New Year’s Day 2009 Television Marathons

The Twilight Zone (It’s a cookbook! A cook…book!) – ScFi Channel

Looney Tunes (See Fearless Freep And His Sensational High-Diving Act! – Acme Sign Co… There can be only one explanation for white tiles in a dressing room!) – Cartoon Network

Lockup: New Mexico (Hey, !@*&%!, what ‘chu lookin’ at?) – MSNBC

Great Performances At The Met (La donna e mobile) – Public Television (WNET, New York)

The Honeymooners (Bang… zoom!) – CW11 (New York)

Bones (Use your mutant powers, just talk people to death.) – TNT

American Greed (More, More, More – Andrea True Connection) – CNBC

Monk (Wipe!) – USA

Hogan Knows Best (You’re going out dressed like that?) – VH1

Speeders (Can I have some of that candy you got there in your glove box?) – TruTV

50 Greatest Moments At MSG (In 1994, Patrick Ewing was the undisputed leader of the Knicks.) – MSG

CSI: NY (Apart from the fact of it not being attached to a person, there’s nothing wrong with his finger.) – Spike TV

Ice Road Truckers (I won’t send my guys out to do something I wouldn’t do myself.) – The History Channel

The First 48 (Normally, I don’t take stuff like that… but for some kind of reason, it ended up in my purse.) – A&E

The Game 365 (Scott Boras, Scott Boras, Scott Boras – Scott Boras) – MSG+

Wizards Of Waverly Place (She ate a dog biscuit like it was a chocolate chip cookie straight out of the oven.) – The Disney Channel

Iron Chef America (Cora vs. Simon: Hamburger) – The Food Channel

Yankees Classics (Deep to left!) – YES

Spider-Man (Spiderman, spiderman, does whatever a spider can.) – Toon Disney

MythBusters (Well, here’s your problem.) – The Discovery Channel

The Brady Bunch (Marsha, Marsha, Marsh!) – TV Land

The Jeffersons (Weezie!) – TV One

Tom & Jerry (Is you is or is you ain’t my baby?) – Boomerang

Living With Ed (We picked a color that was very close to her eye color to paint the house.) – Planet Green

Private Practice (How am I supposed to do this after the baby’s born?) – SoapNet

The Barrett-Jackson Automobile Auction (Sold to the collector in the front row for $250,000.) – Speed

Conspiracy (Fifty-one witnesses raced up the grassy knoll to the picked fence…) – History International

What I Like About You (Almost lost control of my bladder.) – The N

Renovation Realities (I don’t have a hallway in my house.) – DIY Network

No Data (Zzzzzzz…) – The N.Y. Legislative Channel


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